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Questions and Answers

First-Time Cruisers

Can I afford a cruise?
If you can afford to take a hotel-based vacation, you can afford to take a cruise vacation. There are cruises available at all price ranges - from budget to luxury - and all represent perhaps the best value for your vacation dollar. [top]

What can I do on a ship?
That depends on the ship, but generally the larger ships will have the most activities. You may wish to lounge on deck by the pool with a good book, sign up for exercise or cooking classes, swim, play bingo or bridge, gamble in the casino, take in a Broadway-style floor show or a magician's act, enter a talent show or a putting contest, take a dance class, get a massage or attend a lecture. And on our singles cruises, we offer private activities for our singles group, such as singles cocktail parties (with complimentary drinks), games, dances, mixers, and single-mingle dining. [top]

Will I feel bored or confined on board?
Never! Think of a cruise ship as a floating resort on par with any Las Vegas megahotel. On-board activities begin at dawn and go into the wee hours of the night. The scenery is constantly changing, and every port is filled with new and exciting opportunities for exploration. [top]

How long do cruises last?
Cruises range from 3-night weekend escapes to 110-night, around-the-world voyages. [top]

Are all cruise ships the same?
Absolutely not. They range from yacht-like vessels with 100 passengers to towering megaships with huge atriums and a maximum capacity of more than 3,000 people. [top]

What is a Day at Sea?
A Day at Sea is a full day spent sailing between two ports. Most cruises include one or more Days at Sea. Click here to read about the many options you'll have to enjoy this time between port calls. [top]

What's a shore excursion?
That's a term that refers to anything you do off the ship, in port. At every stop, you'll have the option of exploring the area on your own or as part of a group with a planned itinerary. You might hike a tropical rain forest in the Caribbean, fish for king salmon in Alaska, tour Mayan ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, or take a sightseeing tour. [top]

What type of clothing should I pack?
Packing for a cruise is like packing for any resort-based vacation. You'll want to bring comfortable, casual clothing for daytime on board and in port, and swimsuits and workout clothes for pools, Jacuzzis, saunas and health clubs. To be prepared for dinner in the dining room, check out Dress Codes. [top]

Is smoking permitted on the ship?
Smoking is permitted in designated areas only. Dining rooms are smoke free. If you use our match program, we try to assign you by smoking preference, but we cannot make any guarantees. Even smokers requesting the match program should not smoke in the cabin unless both roommates agree. [top]

What are the tipping guidelines?
Most cruise lines charge tips to your onboard account automatically. These tips can be adjusted to the level of service by speaking with the purser's desk. Generally speaking, $10 per person, per day is sufficient for tipping purposes, but you can confirm the guidelines for any ship with one of our cruise counselors, prior to booking. [top]

When can I board the ship?
Most cruises start embarkation 3-4 hours before sailing. We recommend that you arrive a minimum of 1 hour before the cruise is scheduled to set sail. [top]

Will I need a passport?
All cruises now require proof of citizenship. On some itineraries, a certified copy of your birth certificate and a driver's license or government-issued photo I.D. are sufficient, on others a passport is required. Visas may also be required on the more exotic itineraries. Your cruise counselor will advise you on documents you will need depending on your itinerary. All non-US and non-Canadian citizens must verify proof of citizenship and visa requirements with the embassy, consulate or immigration office of the countries in their cruise itinerary. [top]

Are cruises really that popular?
You better believe it! More than ten million people will cruise in the next year, and cruising routinely earns the highest ratings in customer satisfaction among all vacation categories. Once you try it, you'll be hooked. [top]

Singles Cruises

Is the entire ship made up of singles?
No, the entire ship will not be single travelers. Singles At Sea hosts a large group of singles on specific sailings, with numerous singles-only activities, but not everyone on the ship will be single. [top]

Is there any way to avoid the Single Supplement?
All cruise lines impose a supplemental charge on singles traveling solo in a cabin. Singles who wish to avoid the single supplement may bring a friend or use our new Match Program to be paired with a same-sex single in one stateroom. Singles will be matched based on smoking preference, and, whenever possible, age. Singles At Sea guarantees to find you a roommate, whenever you sign-up before the cut-off date. If we don't, we pay the single supplement on your cabin and you pay only the per-person, double-occupancy rate! For those who prefer a private cabin, single supplement rates will apply. [top]

What is the average age on your singles cruises?
You will find a wide range of ages on any of our singles cruises. We let you know the age range of each particular ship's "typical" passengers with hints like "40+" or "for singles in their 20s, 30s, and 40s". [top]

What makes a singles cruise different from a regular cruise?
On most sailings, the number of single cruisers is minimal and there are few, if any, activities to help the singles meet. Singles are frequently seated with couples in the dining room, and travel with couples or families on shore excursions. Singles may have difficulty meeting people and getting involved. On an hosted singles cruise, we host a large group of singles and organize onboard activities, cocktail parties, shore excursions and single-mingle dining to ensure that no one is ever left out of the fun. [top]

What do I get for my money?
Our singles group will cruise at a great group discount. Your cruise price includes your cabin, all meals, entertainment, parties and, of course, all transportation between all the ports on your itinerary. Your price also includes private activities for our singles group, such as singles cocktail parties (with complimentary drinks), games, dances, mixers, a T-shirt, and single-mingle dining. Items not included are alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, optional shore excursions, insurance, tipping, any personal services such as laundry, beauty parlor, etc., and transportation to and from the ship (unless you purchase airfare from the cruise line). [top]

Is a singles cruise suitable for a single parent?
Not just suitable, they're perfect! Large cruise ships are now designed with kids-only facilities, counselors, daytime activities and nighttime baby-sitting. Children of all ages are welcome on most ships. We even offer Single-Parents-Only cruises from time to time. [top]

Can I book with my local travel agent or directly with the cruise line and still join your singles group activities?
Sorry, no. To be part of our singles group, you must book the cruise through Singles At Sea. Any singles onboard who did not book through Singles At Sea will be denied access to our special events, cocktail parties, shore excursions and dining. [top]

Pricing & Booking

How much is my deposit and when is final payment due?
Deposit amounts depend on the specific cruise you are reserving, and can be found on the online booking form. Most deposits range from $250-$1000 per person. Final payments are generally due 70-90 days before the sail date. [top]

Can cabins hold more than two passengers?
On most ships, some cabins can accommodate up to 4 people, and a few ships have cabins that accommodate up to 6 people. Generally, there is a reduction in price for the 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th passengers in a cabin. The cabins accommodating more than two guests may have upper bunks. Ask your singles specialist for pricing and availability on any triple or quad cabins. [top]

When should I reserve my cruise to get the best rate?
The low group rates we offer do not drop as sailing approaches, so it makes sense to book early. Prices are not guaranteed until a deposit is paid. In most cases, our special rates will be withdrawn by the cruise line about 60 days prior to departure, and rates will increase. Reserve your space early to ensure the best rates. [top]

Can SAS also make my airline reservations?
The prices shown on our site are cruise-only, but our singles specialists will gladly provide an air-inclusive price if requested. If you plan to fly to your port of embarkation, you must decide whether to arrange airline tickets on your own or use the AIR/SEA program offered by the cruise line, which includes transfers between the airport and ship and baggage handling. Click here to view information that may help you with your decision. [top]

When will I get my air schedule if I book the air as a package?
Air schedules are released by the cruise line about 30 days prior to sailing. The choice of airline, routing and flight times are at the discretion of the cruise line. The cruise lines will only book you on flights that will allow you to get to the pier in plenty of time for departure. If you want to request a specific airline with a specific routing and/or times, most cruise lines offer special "air deviation" programs. There will be an airfare deviation minimum charge of $50 per person for this service. [top]

Is there transportation to the ship from the airport?
If you purchase the cruise line's airfare through Singles At Sea, transfers are already included in the price. If you choose to arrange your own airfare, you can still purchase round trip ground transportation between the airport and the ship from your Singles Specialist here at Singles At Sea. Ground transfers are non-refundable. As an alternative, local taxi cabs are available at the airport right outside the baggage claim area. [top]

Can I cancel my cruise?
Unfortunately, cruise lines impose penalties for canceling a cruise within 75 days of departure, up to and including loss of the entire cruise price. A few lines penalize for cancellations as much as 90 or 120 days in advance of departure; ask your singles specialist for the policy of the cruise you are interested in. [top]

Should I purchase Travel Insurance?
An illness, an accident or an unexpected situation can arise before or during any type of vacation. Such an event might cause you to cut short your cruise or cause your trip to be cancelled altogether. Unfortunately, most cruise lines impose penalties for canceling a cruise within 75 days of departure, up to and including loss of the entire cruise price. A few lines penalize for cancellations as much as 90 or 120 days in advance of departure.

We recommend purchasing travel insurance to protect against these unexpected events. Click here for details regarding the CSA insurance policy. Insurance Coverage and availability may not apply to people living outside the U.S. For more information or a complete copy of a policy, ask your Singles At Sea cruise counselor. [top]