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"The trip exceeded my expectations. The hosts were so great at making everyone feel welcomed. The get-togethers were a lot of fun, especially 70's night. I would like to book for next New Year's as soon as I can! Thanks for a great experience!"
Karen/Enfield, CT

"This was not my first cruise but it was my first singles cruise, I can say that out of the 5 cruises I've been on this was the best one ever! Thank you to SAS and to all the hosts for their hard work and making the whole experience possible."
Dennis/Henderson, NV

"I had a wonderful time! These singles cruises are a wonderful vehicle for those of us who want to vacation and meet new people in a safe and fun environment. I will definitely do this again! Thanks!!"
Kat/League City, TX

"Everyone was amazing. I really enjoyed all of the extra events and parties that vacations to go organized on the cruise. I look forward to traveling with this group again."
Leah/Jacksonville, FL

"The hosts do a great job and that is why I will continue booking my singles cruises with Vacations To Go. This is my 10th singles cruise with SAS. That tells it all, I'm hooked. Have many booked for next year."
Everett/Lockport, NY

"The 'mixers' were fabulous at helping us get to know each other. All of us, without exception, left that ship with happy hearts and new friends. Meeting these people and sharing the adventure with them made the entire vacation simply the very best thing I've ever done. I left the Conquest with pictures, trinkets, addresses, phone numbers and a nasty sunburn. I also left with a girl named Mindy and sit here now with tickets to see her in 3 weeks. To anyone considering a singles cruise through SAS, be not afraid ye, go forth and book the cruise. You will never regret it. Simply put, it was the best time I ever had in my life."
Randy/Sicamous, British Columbia

"The cruise was terrific and you guys are the best! I'd forgotten how much fun and relaxing a cruise can be but this one was so much more. What a great group. Miss seeing everyone but look forward to the next one. Thanks again for the terrific job."
Homer/Atlanta, GA

"(Cruise hosts) were terrific and very helpful in getting this all together! I had a great roommate, we were very compatible. Thanks everyone!"
Catherine/Tucson, AZ

"Both (cruise hosts) were two of the most wonderful people that I have ever met in my life. Keep up the great work ladies and I will be looking forward to another vacation with the two of you."
Michael/Amherstburg, Ontario

"I thought (cruise hosts) were just great. They were enthusiastic, energetic, and super friendly. I would definitely love to cruise with them as hosts again if the opportunity would arise. Thanks to both of them for a terrific, well done job!"
Ellen/Metairie, LA

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the best Vacation I have had in my life."
Maureen/Tucson, AZ

"(Cruise hosts) were very helpful and always around. Most importantly they were like a giant ray of sunshine to the cruise guests. A lot of us had never taken a cruise and the both of them made the cruise very relaxing."
Richard/San Diego, CA

"The most inclusive vacation experience possible. They were respectful, considerate and congenial. I am a veteran of thirty cruises...I rate this one among the top five."
Andre/Louisville, KY

"I would definitely book another singles cruise through Singles At Sea, it was a wonderful trip!"
Whitney/Houston, TX

"The entire experience as my first cruise was very rewarding and totally exceeded my expectations. I do look forward to using SAS in the future. Thanks so much."
Farrell/Idaho Falls, ID